We are all given an ability to do something and I passionately believe that mine is to give these students a foothold on the ladder of success. 


Ever since becoming a teacher, and maybe even before that, I have loved working with the most disadvantaged and most disaffected students.

I find it so rewarding seeing someone who a) has little confidence in themselves and b) no idea how much talent they have, achieve a goal that they have identified for themselves with my guidance.

At ENGAGE we plan to introduce those most disaffected young people to the meaning of respect and hard work.


Ian Herron
Company Director & Project Lead


Our Mission

ENGAGE is determined to provide a dynamic and supportive learning environment to meet the social and educational needs of young people aged 14-16 years old.


Our aim is to empower our young people so that they may progress their social and educational development, and gain the personal resources, attitudes and abilities that will inform their life choices and expand their life options. All students are provided with a flexible and innovative education programme tailored to meet their individual learning needs and styles. These programmes will support students to gain formal qualifications through a non-formal learning approach.

We want students to enjoy and achieve through education and this proven ethos helps broaden our students social skills, helps develop practical and academic abilities, promotes confidence to go into Further or Higher Education and in the longer term promotes job prospects and ultimately greater social inclusion.

ENGAGE allows students to improve academic and vocational skills in ‘real work’ settings in order to demonstrate actual employability in a very difficult employment climate.


Our Aims

Students are treated with respect and dignity, taught to treat each other with respect, feel safe, have a voice, and are listened to. 

  • To re-engage students in developing a positive attitude to education that will extend beyond compulsory school leaving age.
  • To raise the self-esteem of our students and generate a pride in themselves and their achievements.
  • To ensure every student has a clear progression route back into education, training or employment through effective liaison with schools, academies and local employers.
  • To provide a happy, safe and caring environment in which learning can take place.
  • To offer an exciting and challenging curriculum, based on the National Curriculum, which primarily strives to meet the individual needs of each student and give them access to nationally recognised accreditation.
  • Ensure all students develop a sense of respect, tolerance and understanding of others, regardless of race, religion or gender.