About Us

At ENGAGE, we have tailored our provision to meet all of these needs and through our own personal experiences and effective community links.


We provide schools and academies with a provision they know they can trust and that will deliver effective re-engagement and guarantee academic and vocational progress. Our focus for all of our students is to ensure they have a clear progression route into Post 16 education, employment and/or training.

We believe that the key to successful alternative provision is the constant communication and reporting of student progress; staff from referring Schools/ Academies will be present in all reviews and meetings that take place. A key contact will also be designated for each student from their parent School/ Academy and liaison will be constant throughout the student's placement with ENGAGE.

What We’ve Achieved

Since opening in September 2015, we have grown alongside our students. Since then we have achieved:

  • Overall attendance of over 90%

  • Over 50% reduction in those students persistently absent from school pre-ENGAGE

  • Over 80% of students making 2+ grades improvement since joining ENGAGE

  • Every student achieving at least 1 GCSE A*-G

  • All students moving into further education, employment and/or training


Our Team

Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.



Jack Fleet-Marron
Science Lead & Alnwick Provision Lead

Steph Morrison
Personal Development Lead & Assistant Lead at Alnwick

Jen Tasker
SLT - Maths Lead for ENGAGE

Julie Butler
Business Development Lead 

Martyn Hogan
Teaching & Learning Assistant

Ian Barr
SLT - Safeguarding & Pastoral Lead


Jackie Brothwood
Lead at Berwick & English Teacher

Paul Brothwood
Teaching & Learning Assistant

Kirsty Carr
Teaching & Learning Assistant

Ethan Payn
Teaching & Learning Assistant

Mandy Ritchie
Teaching & Learning Assistant


Lauren Douglass
SLT - Lead at Blyth & Cramlington

Lucy Coull
SLT - English & Assistant Lead at ENGAGE

Reece Dobey
Assistant Lead at Blyth

Rachael Scott
SLT - Examination Officer, Assistant Lead & Child Care Tutor 

Lee Clark
Vocational Lead - Blyth & Cramlington

Chris Grey

Becky Whiting
Teaching & Learning Assistant

Nadine Wilkes
Company Director PA & Administration Manager

Rosie Cottam
SLT - Mental Health Lead


Joe Simkins
Maths Teacher & Assistant Lead at Cramlington

Rachael Martin
Assistant Lead at Cramlington

Linsey Maley
Head of English Literature

Nicola Johnstone
Learning & Teaching Assistant

Drew Sullivan 
Student Mentor 

Kaitlyn Wright
Teaching & Learning Assistant


Rhys Wilson
SLT - Lead at Durham & Head of Innovation

Adam Houston
Assistant Lead at Durham

Rachel Johnson
Assistant Lead at Durham

Ashleigh Race
SLT - AIG & Personal Development


What people say

We value the feedback of all of our stakeholders, students, parents and those local businesses in the community involved with ENGAGE.


Students regularly have an input into ENGAGE with daily mentor sessions and our ENGAGE student council meeting held half termly where the representatives bring forward any ideas to improve their time here with us.

We regularly seek the opinions of all our stakeholders and below are some of the comments received:


The quality of feedback regarding the students on a daily and weekly basis is excellent. This enables the academy to closely monitor the work and progress of each student.
— The Blyth Academy
The communication and information regarding this provision has been first class from the start.
— Bedlingtonshire Community High School
The uniform is very in keeping for the teenage population and is functional.
— Ashington High School
Their engagement with learning has improved massively and they are showing a desire to do well. They are also engaged with thinking beyond post 16 and planning for the future.
— Bedlingtonshire Community High School


The ENGAGE students have shown me some real enthusiasm to learn about plumbing and I really enjoy working with them. Students who demonstrate enthusiasm in my trade really impress me and I look forward to working with ENGAGE students for many years to come.
— David Weatheritt Plumbing Service
Our student demonstrates the key fundamentals that we would expect from any young employee. He has learned, quickly, about the equipment we use and I can set him on tasks knowing he will complete them to a high standard. He is a character and you need that in the work place but he knows when he needs to work.
— Drager
We have been so impressed by our students work ethic and willingness to listen and follow instructions. I wish I could have them more days.
— Northumbria Flooring
Our student was hard working, always on task and willing to learn. He has a natural ability and we hope we have given him a skill he can use for life.
— Hetherington & Lisle Plastering Services
The students we have really make a difference here at the Tuckbox. They are willing learners and serve customers without hesitation. I regard them as valuable members of my team and look forward to the next generation of ENGAGE students coming through.
— The TuckBox