About Us

At ENGAGE, we have tailored our provision to meet all of these needs and through our own personal experiences and effective community links.


We provide schools and academies with a provision they know they can trust and that will deliver effective re-engagement and guarantee academic and vocational progress. Our focus for all of our students is to ensure they have a clear progression route into Post 16 education, employment and/or training.

We believe that the key to successful alternative provision is the constant communication and reporting of student progress; staff from referring Schools/ Academies will be present in all reviews and meetings that take place. A key contact will also be designated for each student from their parent School/ Academy and liaison will be constant throughout the student's placement with ENGAGE.

What We’ve Achieved

Since opening in September 2015, we have grew alongside our students. Since then we have achieved:

  • Overall attendance of over 90%
  • Over 50% reduction in those students persistently absent from school pre-ENGAGE
  • Over 80% of students making 2+ grades improvement since joining ENGAGE
  • Every student achieving at least 1 GCSE A*-G
  • All students moving into further education, employment and/or training