Our Aims

Students are treated with respect and dignity, taught to treat each other with respect, feel safe, have a voice, and are listened to. 

  • To re-engage students in developing a positive attitude to education that will extend beyond compulsory school leaving age.
  • To raise the self-esteem of our students and generate a pride in themselves and their achievements.
  • To ensure every student has a clear progression route back into education, training or employment through effective liaison with schools, academies and local employers.
  • To provide a happy, safe and caring environment in which learning can take place.
  • To offer an exciting and challenging curriculum, based on the National Curriculum, which primarily strives to meet the individual needs of each student and give them access to nationally recognised accreditation.
  • Ensure all students develop a sense of respect, tolerance and understanding of others, regardless of race, religion or gender.