Our Team

Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Ian Herron

Company Director

Laura Davison

Academic/ Provision Lead


Ashleigh Race

Personal Development Lead


Davy Orr

SLT –  Barbering/ Vocational Lead


Ian Barr

SLT – Pastoral & Safeguarding Lead


Alice Cosgrove

English Lead


Rhys Wilson

STEM Lead / Maths Teacher


Jack Fleet-Marron

Science Lead


Keith Reay

Health & Safety Lead/ Vocational Tutor

Joe Simkins

Maths Teacher


Lucy Coull

Literacy & Numeracy Teacher


John Cairns

Learning & Teaching Assistant


Lauren Douglass

Learning & Teaching Assistant


Rachael Robe

Learning & Teaching Assistant


Lee Clark

Vocational Support


Nadine Wilkes

Leads PA and Administration


Katherine Tweddle

Cleaning Staff